Inflatable CALY GLOBES™

CLASSIC, 30 cm

Our World

Children will be acquainted to countries, borders and continents through a lens and new understanding of world politics.

This discovery allows them to better understand the world, to share and appreciate its wonders with anyone. They can travel around the globe at their own pace and even play with their grown ups! Kids can entertain themselves by asking questions and finding the answers around the globe.


Game ideas
Caly Globes Classic Our World
Let’s start playing!
Caly Globes Classic Our World
I am the capital of the U.S.A. Find out where I am onto the globe.
Caly Globes Classic Our World
I am in the shape of a boot and my capital is Rome. Do you see me on the European continent?
Caly Globes classic our world
I am Thailand. My capital is Bangkok, A large metropolis of Asia. Find me on the globe.
Caly Globes Classic Our World illustration
My capital La Paz is at 3 700m in altitude. It is the highest city in the world. Search for Me in South America.