Our brand, a French brand with concepts created in Marseille

Our collections are developed by the creative CALY team and offer educational fun adapted for kids.


  • Most of our products are under brand copyright contracts.
  • Our collections are call on illustrators and graphic artists who bring a fresh look and modernity to our products.
  • Caly toys are made in Asia. A very specific technique is necessary in the manufacturing of our product to bring forth a higher quality of toys. Quality control and certifications of our materials are verified under the European control standards.

CALY toys’ main mission is to lead kids towards their bright futures


  • We invite them to play and to be active with the TIM BIRD.
  • The inflatable CALY GLOBES™ ignite their curiosity and welcome them to travel and explore the world: to discover its peaks and valleys, its nature and the different communities and cultures that exist.

Our philosophy is to allow kids around the world to play


Playing is the base of all learning and gives way to shared experiences in community settings.

The concepts of our toys are built on the following criteria


  • Portability: allows you to play everywhere at any time.
  • The feeling of escaping and freedom: playing around a globe is an invitation to travel. Watch a bird fly and consider the beauty and the feeling of freedom that is instilled in us all.
  • Aesthetics: a toy that is kept for a long time and that we enjoy passing down and sharing with our loved ones.
  • Education: to leave way for kids to play in any way they choose at their pace, their rhythm. Either autonomously or in groups, and the few and simple rules of the game.