Inflatable CALY GLOBES™

XXL, 85 cm

The World

A giant and decorative globe for the passionate and curious ones amongst us.

Carefully considered graphics, the highest of quality prints, a beautiful colour scheme, precise geography and political cartography with flags of every single country makes this an exceptional product. The light as air feel of the globe allows it to be passed around from person to person or to be displayed by hanging it up by its transparent hook or placed on its inflatable base. Each continent has its own colour, icons that symbolize the different scenery and a compass allows you to find everything with ease.

Caly Globes XXL The World pack
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Caly Globes The World
One specific colour per continent.
Caly Globes XXL the World
Flags dictate countries.
Caly Globes XXL the World
Icons dictate sceneries.
Caly Globes The World
A compass to help with orientation.