The turning point meeting and the creation of Caly


At 35 years of age, during a trade show in Paris, I met the inventor of a flat planisphere that was built and worked in the same way as a parking disc. This allowed for the storing of a substantial amount of information. I decided to commercialize this product and to partially leave the reigns of the family business behind to work on my own inventions. I finally decided to make my childhood dreams a reality and put together my biggest passion of toy inventing and geography. Caly stands for the first initials of my family.


The purchase of all rights to the planisphere and maps


Caly becomes editor and manufacturer for inflatable world globes. The products being very technical, high importance is placed on a rigorous process of production and quality control.


A wider range and collection of products


The “Petit Cartographe” adds to the globe and world map product collection.


Caly becomes an international brand


London, Spain, USA. Then Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, Benelux, Switzerland and Portugal…


CALY buys out De Ruymbeke


The Tim and Timmy birds are now part of the “new” Caly.


The marketing strategy becomes bigger and more involved


An international graphic charter is used to identify our globes from New York to Tokyo. A more thematic and more graphic product offer is developed.


The 50th anniversary of the Tim Bird and the 20th anniversary of inflatable CALY GLOBES™


These two products together create the signature image of Caly.


New horizons

Caly chases its childhood dreams and continues to work to launch the brand into the future.