Inflatable CALY GLOBES™

GAMES, 42 cm

Animal Quest

A board game with short and animated rounds for a super fun experience.

The globe becomes a three dimensional game board. The players must fill a mission by winning five animal cards. To win a card they must stick, as fast as possible, the animal that they identified on the globe and answer the question that goes with it.

Caly Globes Games Animal quest
1 globe
54 cards (108 questions)
4 CalyStick
1 game rule
Let’s start playing!
Caly Globes Games AnimalQuest

They are 25 times larger than a chicken egg.

I am a bird.
I cannot fly but I run very fast.
I lay eggs that are five times larger than chicken eggs.
True or False?
Caly Globes Games AnimalQuest


I live in Africa. My unique hump is my fat reserve.
What could this fat turn into?
Caly Globes Games AnimalQuest

The scavenger feed off of already dead animals.

I hunt at night and my cry sounds like an evil laugh.
I am a scavenger.
Do you know what the word «scavenger» means?
Caly Globes Games AnimalQuest


I live on the ocean floor and I usually have five arms. When I lose an arm, I am able to grow another one.
True or False?