Inflatable CALY GLOBES™

MAXI, 42 cm

Political World

Children will discover the world of today and develop a taste for travel and discovery.

They will recognize continents, situate countries and their borders, capitals, principal cities, great lakes and an endless array of islands.

Caly Globes maxi political world
Let’s start playing!
Caly Globe Maxi42 political world
Tokyo, my capital, is known for its tall skyscrapers and popular culture. Join me on board a Shinkansen, one of the fastest trains in the world.
Caly Globe Maxi42 political world
I am hexagon shaped. I am known for the Eiffel tower. My capital is Paris. See if you can find it on the globe and let’s discover France.
Caly Globe Maxi42 political world
I am the primary capital of my country South Africa. I am situated on the Cap de Bonne-Esperance peninsula. Find it on the globe!
Caly Globe Maxi42 political world
I am Argentina. I am surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and I span all the way to Cap Horn. My capital is Buenos Aires and it is famous for Tango and soccer. See you soon!